Why choose us?

Thinking of doing a language course in Italy? Confused by all the different options?

Here are some good reasons for coming to study at Live Language Salento 

personalised attention

as a ‘small school ’, we treat you as an individual, so from the very beginning we consider your needs and create a personalised timetable. We help you plan your stay in Italy, organising accommodation which best suits you and we encourage you to become involved in the Italian community so that you can make the most of your stay with us

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a variety of language courses

We offer a selection of language and cultural courses which aim to meet all the students needs from the very basic to the most sophisticated.

We offer not only standard language courses for beginners but also more advanced courses for those who wish to expand their cultural knowledge and improve their overall fluency.

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total immersion in Italian life

We provide a wide range of activities which allow students to get in contact with real Italian life and make their learning as genuine as possible.

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competitive prices

We know studying abroad can be very expensive for students and we want to allow students from every nation to come here without a great deal of money. Thus our courses are tailored to suit every pocket. Additionally, the cost of living is generally quite low in this region of Italy, which makes the whole experience an opportunity not to be missed!

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- a melting pot of myths and traditions set against a Mediterranean backdrop

The Salentine region is rich in local customs which survive even today. Tucked far away from prying tourists’ eyes, lifestyles here are still steeped in Southern Italian tradition. Local flavour, old traditions as well as quaint villages nestling in olive groves, just waiting to be discovered.

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Don’t forget you can also meet and get to know other international students in our school!

Special winter with Live Language Salento! (December 2011- March 2012)
Intensive & Cultural Italian

- Italian Course (15 lessons per week) - cultural activities every afternoon theatre, cinema, coking lesson, seminar on Tarantism, visits at the museums or monuments and local towns-. - 1 all day excursion per week All levels, from Beginner to Advanced, minimum 2 students.

Special offers 2012 Family offer - Discover Salento
Welcome party Intensive Italian language course (20 lessons per 1 week 40 lessons per 2 wks) 1 cooking lesson (2 cooking lessons per 2 wks) 1 guided visit to LECCE / OTRANTO (both 2 wks) 1 orientation tour of Salento area 1 dinner in Agriturismo or local Masseria and taste session of local wines and products. Farewell party
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