The school

Live Language Salento is a school specialized in teaching the Italian language to overseas students. It was founded in 2003 in order to provide a response to a growing worldwide interest in Italian language and culture, in particular to Salentine peninsula, within a friendly and encouraging environment.

The school is located in Aradeo, a small and friendly town, conveniently located, just a stone’s throw from the city of Gallipoli, pearl of the Ionian sea, closet o the beautiful beaches and unspoiled coastline. Situated in the historical old town, the school is housed in an old building, dates back to the XVII, of a style typical to the area, with walls of "leccese" (a soft, pliable stone similar to sandstone) and high, arched ceilings. The bright and airy classrooms ensure a peaceful atmosphere, providing an ideal learning environment. Conveniently located beside the classrooms, the office is open all day to assist students and provide information.
The common room is the perfect location for chatting to other students and teachers, taking a quick break or simply relaxing with one of the many books and magazines available. In addition, access to satellite television allows students to watch programmes in various languages, aiding the development of listening comprehension.

The method

Each year we welcome overseas students and our wide range of courses is designed to meet their needs.
To get the confidence to speak a new language is often the big obstacle in the learning process, so from the very first, our students have been encouraged to experiment openly with various approaches to communication. Indeed, this emphasis on communication forms the basis of our teaching method as the more a student is encouraged to communicate in a language, the more his/her confidence will grow.
During the lessons there is constant practice of the four fundamental functions of the language : listening, reading, writing and speaking. Particular attention is paid to conversation to develop the ability to interact from the very first days in real situations. Focus is also on the study of grammar and syntax which is important for the complete mastery of a language. The small number of students per class and the constant and personalized attention of the teachers guarantee a learning success.

The teachers

Our teacher are all native speakers and specialized in teaching languages. They are used to different learning styles and skills and are aware of the need for flexible teaching methods, especially with classes of mixed nationality and motivation. Their role is multiple and has relevant importance: they must entertain, educate and spread the Italian language and culture.
Special winter with Live Language Salento! (December 2011- March 2012)
Intensive & Cultural Italian

- Italian Course (15 lessons per week) - cultural activities every afternoon theatre, cinema, coking lesson, seminar on Tarantism, visits at the museums or monuments and local towns-. - 1 all day excursion per week All levels, from Beginner to Advanced, minimum 2 students.

Special offers 2012 Family offer - Discover Salento
Welcome party Intensive Italian language course (20 lessons per 1 week 40 lessons per 2 wks) 1 cooking lesson (2 cooking lessons per 2 wks) 1 guided visit to LECCE / OTRANTO (both 2 wks) 1 orientation tour of Salento area 1 dinner in Agriturismo or local Masseria and taste session of local wines and products. Farewell party
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