Why choose Live Language Salento?

As we are a small school, we work closely with our students and guarantee support and availability throughout their time here. We are aware that learning a language isn't always easy and  so we are patient and understanding with students who encounter any difficulties, helping then to overcome their doubt and uncertainty. Outwith the school, the people are friendly and happy to communicate. The various festivals which take place throughout the year are evidence of the "joie de vivre" of  local people and provide students with the opportunity to speak Italian and to be in constant contact with the language and culture.

When can I start a language course?

It is preferable to start the course on the dates specified in the Calendar.     Courses normally commence on the first day of the week. If you are not able to start the course on the specified date, you should contact the school.
If you decide to attend a private course, you may choose a start date that suits your own needs.

What time do the lessons start?

Lessons start at 9.00 am with a break from 11.00 to 11.30 and continue until 13.30.

What does the placement test consist of?

On the first day of the course students are required to sit a placement test.This allows us to determine the student's level in the relevant language.The test consists of a short written piece and a brief interview and lasts approximately 1 hour. Students who have no prior knowledge of the language are not required to sit this test and will begin the lesson at 9 am.

What do I need to bring to the class?

You need a pen and a notebook. We provide the teaching materials, however if you would prefer to buy the course book, it is available at a reduced price of €18.

What does the enrolment fee include?

The enrolment fee is €70 and includes: welcome brunch, placement test, teaching materials, certificate of attendance and one guided tour of Salento. Upon receipt of this fee, the student will receive a discount voucher, valid for 1 year, which will entitle them to a 5% discount on future courses.

When do I need to pay for the course?
The payment must be settled on the first day of the course and can either be made with cash or by credit card.

When must I pay for my accommodation?
This depends upon the type of accommodation you have selected. Generally it has to be paid within one week of your arrival.

If I don't like the accomodation, can I change it?
Yes, but you will need to inform the school at least one week in advance.

Do I need to bring bedding or towels?
No, these will be provided.

What is included in the accomodation price?
Electricity, water and gas are all included in the rent, however telephone bills are not included.  If you are living with an Italian family, the laundry of linen and towels will also be included in the price but any personal laundry will be the responsibility of the student. You will have access to a washing machine for at a cost of € 3,00 per load.

What is the general cost of living in Salento?
The cost of living is generally quite low throughout the year, particularly if you stay inland.  However, around July and August it is possible to notice a slight increase in prices, especially in tourist areas. 

What is the climate like?
It is generally warm and sunny in this part of Italy. The frosty temperature and constant rain of the North are rare here. The summer period lasts from April to October and during the hottest months of July and August, the temperature ranges from 30° to 38°C.

What is there to do in my free time?
In Salento there is a wide variety of activities to suit all tastes and budgets.  During the summer months, there is much to be discovered by the sea;  boat trips, sun-bathing, sports and night clubs which are open until all hours.  Throughout the rest of the year, you can explore the rural landscape, dine out on some of the most delicious cuisine Italy has to offer, go horse riding or attend the many concerts and open-air theatre productions.

How can I get around?
During the summer season, there is a highly effective transport service which will allow you to visit the many interesting and beautiful parts of Salento, giving you the freedom to discover the area without restriction. For timetables and operator information see Links.

What should I check before leaving?
Here is a list of things we suggest you to check before your departure:
- Valid passport or identity card
- Tickets and reservations
- Insurance documents
- Money, traveller’s cheques and credit cards
- Personal medicine or medical prescriptions
- E111 form (for citizens from EU countries)

Special winter with Live Language Salento! (December 2011- March 2012)
Intensive & Cultural Italian

- Italian Course (15 lessons per week) - cultural activities every afternoon – theatre, cinema, coking lesson, seminar on Tarantism, visits at the museums or monuments and local towns-. - 1 all day excursion per week All levels, from Beginner to Advanced, minimum 2 students.

Special offers 2012 Family offer - Discover Salento
• Welcome party • Intensive Italian language course (20 lessons per 1 week – 40 lessons per 2 wks) • 1 cooking lesson (2 cooking lessons per 2 wks) • 1 guided visit to LECCE / OTRANTO (both 2 wks) • 1 orientation tour of Salento area • 1 dinner in Agriturismo or local Masseria and taste session of local wines and products. • Farewell party
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